I’m in a new Etsy Treasury – Mystic.

My acrylic painting “GW Orb 11” has been featured in a new Treasury list on Etsy – “Mystic”.  Very neat looking treasury.  Check it out with the following link.  Thanks, Sandy



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Tuxedo Cow in new Treasury list.

My acrylic painting, “Tuxedo Cow” has been featured in a new Treasury list – “Black Tie Affair”.  Follow the link to check it out.


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New Treasury List added to my Etsy store – “These Mysteries Unfold”.

I have just created a new Treasury List in Etsy.  Mysterious, intriguing, dark and wonderful images.  Please check them out at: http://www.etsy.com/treasury/MTE1MTc5ODJ8NTE0NzYyNjM4/these-mysteries-unfold?index=0

This is my painting: “Darkness There.”

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I am adding some of my original “Cow Humor” and “Cowgirl” paintings to my Etsy store.












This is “Cows ‘R Us”.  Check it out on Etsy, at http://etsy.com/shop/sandappleart.

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Thanks, Sandy


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Three new original acrylic paintings on my ETSY store.

This is “GW Orb 9”, one of my abstract, microcosm paintings of the planets and the universe, with the ever-present Raven.  What does it all mean?

See this and others on my Etsy store at http://etsy.com/shop/sandappleart.

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I look forward to any comments, or orders!   Best, Sandy

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More original acrylic paintings being added to my ETSY store!

I will be adding paintings from my ORB series to my Etsy store.  These are my metaphysical paintings:  ORB – the circle, the atom, the universe, life, continuity……   Each is abstract and texture, and hopefully fun to look at and even thought-provoking.   Enjoy checking out my Etsy store at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/sandappleart.

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“Enter the Orb”

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First original painting on ETSY.

Hi friends.  I have finally added my first original painting to my Etsy shop.  I will be adding more in the future – keep checking back.

Here is “Still is Sitting” – two ravens awaiting instructions from Edgar Allan Poe, in “The Raven”.  Enjoy!!   And, check out my ETSY shop at http:/www.etsy.com/shop/sandappleart.

an original acrylic painting

I’m looking forward to my first actual order through my ETSY shop.  There are so many fabulous items on Etsy, it is hard to get noticed!!!!   Be the first!!!!!

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New tiles added to Etsy store. Sale is still on!



“Pagosa Peak 1” is one of the variations on the Colorado mountain view outside my studio window!!   Available as a decorative tile, a functional trivet or as a giclee print.  Also, the original painting is still available!    Let me know your opinion.

Check out my Etsy store at: http://www.etsy.com.shop/sandappleart


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Landscapes added to Etsy store.


“Pagosa Peak 2”.  One of my “Landscape Morphs” – this is a sunset view of the peak outside my studio window.

My tiles and trivets are available on my Etsy store at – http://www.etsy.com/shop/sandappleart.

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“Landscape Morphs”

I am starting to add some of my “Landscape Morph” tiles/trivets to my etsy store at:


These are stylized views of local landscapes, using lines and circles to represent repetitive elements within the landscape.  This image is “Canyon 1”, my view of the Grand Canyon! 

There will be more added within the next few days. I hope you enjoy them.

Let me know, Sandy

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