I’m spending a lot of time in the print-shop working on my monoprints.  These are Reductive-Ink monoprints, based on Printmaking Without a Press, developed by Michael Coffee.   Michael teaches classes in his methods here at Shy Rabbit Gallery/Studio in Pagosa Springs – lucky for us Pagosans!!  I am viewing mine as Oil-based Ink paintings basically.  I am including an image from last years series of Ravens and Orbs – “A Question of Balance”.  This year, I am getting much more painterly in my style – loosening up and having a great time with the processes.  I will inlcude some new images a bit later, after the ink dries, and I photograph the results.  Please consider subscribing to my Blog, and sharing it with other people that may be interested. Thanks for reading, Sandy.

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Sandy’s first ever Blog post. Lots of new stuff with my artwork.

Hi Everyone,

As an artist, painter and printmaker, I find I must also be a marketer. I love the act of creation, but all of my output does not fit on my walls at home.  Therefore, I am using the exciting online world to further spread the images that I create.

I now have a new, updated Website:, with many thanks to Michael Coffee.  The website is now connected to my Facebook page, my Blog page and my new Etsy store.  Please consider subscribing to my Blog, to receive email notifications when new content is added, such as new paintings or reproductions of my paintings. is a website for artists to market their original paintings and handmade goods.  My store can be found on  Once on the Etsy homepage, enter “Sandy Applegate” at the blank line that reads “Handmade”.  I am currently adding my Ceramic Tiles and Glass Trivets to my store.  These are reproductions of some of my original paintings.  I will eventually start adding some paintings also.  So, please check my Etsy store often for additions.

Thanks for reading my first Blog!!!   Sandy Applegate

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